Sacred Path Sessions


Hearts Essence offers Sacred Path Sessions.

Duration: 1 hourIn a session I hold a sacred heart space to reflect on any issue in your life you would like us to focus upon, to receive clear inner guidance, wisdom and healing.

In this session we focus specifically upon your sacred calling and bringing more of you and your gifts into the world. In this session a flower essence is also selected and custom made to support you during this time at this point in your journey.

Readings and essence healing do not predict the future, but rather focuses on restoring emotional and spiritual balance and wellbeing and having greater clarity towards embodiment of one’s sacred path.

Sacred Path Sessions are available in person, or by phone by appointment. Initial Consultations are 1 hour

Includes Sacred Path Consultation and an Australian Bush Flower Essence or Resonate Essence (25ml bottle) to take home.

Introductory Mini Flower Essence Consultations are available via email.

To make an appointment book here.