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Offering in person, telephone and online readings & consultations:

Essence Consultations

Resonate Balance Healing

Reiki Healings


10 minute mini -phone consult to select the right bush flower essence for you (incl. 1 bush essence) $30 2 hrs* (incl. 1 take home Resonate Essence) $225 1 hr (incl. take home essence) $110 Meditation Classes are run regularly in Springwood, Leura and Emu Plains.
1 hr Flower Essence Consultation (incl. 1 take home essence) $130 1 hr and a half (incl. 1 take home essence) $150 Meditation Coaching Sessions one on one : 1 hr: $100
Half Hour Flower Essence Consultation, (incl. 1 take home essence) $65
1 hr Light Frequency and White Light Essence Consultation (incl. 1 take home essence) $130
1 hr Sacred Path Session (include 1 take home essence) $130


Extra essences are an additional cost.

Each flower or light essence is $15.

NB: If you require a wheel chair accessible venue please advise and an alternative location will be arranged.

*Please note Resonate Sessions for Children or young people 18 years and under are 1 hour long and $120 - including 1 take home essence.

When ordering four or more bush flower essences in a single order you are eligible for a discounted rate of $12 per bottle

**Please Note the following rates for any variation to the standard 25ml Australian Bush Flower Essences:

  • Essence Mist Sprays come in a 50ml bottle and cost $20 per Australian Bush Flower Essence or Shell Essence
  • An additional $5 applies to any White Light, Light Frequency, Gaia, Isis, or Solar Logos Essence Mist ordered
  • PureHeart Alchemy Essence Myst Sprays are $50 per bottle.

To make a booking please email me at heartsessence@gmail.com or book online here