Bush Flower Essences


Cali is an Australian Bush Flower Essences Practitioner. Cali specialises in, and stocks the  Bush Flower Essences, White Light Essences and Light Frequency Essences. The Australian Bush Flower Essences, White Light and Light Frequency range are founded and created by Australian Naturopath Ian White.

The Australian Bush Flower Essence range offers a complementary healing approach, activating healing and change in one’s emotional and energetic bodies.

Essences can be taken by anyone from children to adults and are safe and gentle to use.

NB: Essences are made on a very small percent of Brandy as preservative, however if the essence is for children or you prefer not to have an alcohol base please request this in your order and it will be made on vegetable glycerin (sweet tasting).

Australian Bush Flower Essence, White Light Essence and Light Frequency Essence Consultations are by appointment. To arrange your Australian Bush Flower Essence consultation book here.